Mansfield Reformatory

Very active location. Many personal experiences. EVP hits, moving orbs caught on video and still pics. Images of faces captured on camera, ectoplasm.


 Township cemetery 3 and 4

Very active location. K-2 hits, Shadow figures, Mel Meter hits, white lights. EVP hits. Personal experiences, temperature drops.


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 Township cemetery

Semi active location, personal experiences, few hits on K2 and Mel meters, shadow figures, sounds such as chains rattling from the "sword Man" possibly a Civil War soldier.


 Private Residence

Very Active location. Shadow figures, EVP's, unexplained banging, K-2 hits, reading on K-2 of 666, several EVP's


Orb near window 


 Private Residence Maple Park

Activity minimal K2 spikes to red, Mel meter hits


Township cemetery #2 

Very active location. Many personal experiences, cold spots. mists, orbs, hits with dowsing rods. Location wher a family is buried that was killed in a plane crash.


HD Rockers/ American Legion hall

Active Location, Personal experiences, K2 hits, ghost meter hits, shadow figures, orbs



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