When we arrived at Mansfield Reformatory we were in awe by the size of the prison. We took a tour of the prison with an experienced guide. After the tour we had a late dinner. Once we were done, the lights were turned off and we were free to roam and explore. The overall experience was not so scary. Solitary confinement and death row were a bit spooky, but we did not esperience much. In a room called "the chair room, things changed for me. I sat in a chair that was made by inmates and I was taunting the spirits. I had a digital camera in my vest pocket and recorders in bothe hands. As I asked questions, my wife walked by the door of the room, I was in the room alone. As she approached the room and shined the flashlight in, the camera and bottle of pop were thrown out of my pocket, The bottle landed at the leg of the chair and the camera hit the floor and slid about five feet away. That freaked me out. I was not moving when this happened. I did get some EVP's while in the prison, one was when I asked the spirits if they like to pick on women, a voice on one of the recorders said " What" another time I asked the spirits if they would show a sign that they were here and a voice on the recorder said "I am here". Both times, I did not audibly here any voices. I did get some strange images on both digital and 35 ml film especially in death row, where on both 35 ml and digital, blue mists appeared in death row on seperate sides of the room.